About Us

JSUPPLY began with humble beginnings more than 5 years ago now, through a passion for sneakers, streetwear and fashion. What was once just a hobby, quickly began to grow to something that was bigger than I could ever imagine.


As a kid growing up finishing school, who never really had the opportunity and privilege to having a wardrobe with branded clothing such as Nike and Adidas, let alone designer and streetwear brands. I quickly discovered the world of fashion and streetwear upon finishing high school, having spent my first hard earned paycheck on some new sneakers and clothes.


I fell in love with the feeling of being comfortable in a fresh new fit that I know I worked hard for myself. It was not only rewarding, but I also felt a sense of belongingness to at the time, a small Facebook community known as Underground.


Over the next few years, I started becoming more and more invested in the world of fashion and sneakers, keeping up with all the new releases, news and learning more about the brands and designers; old and new.


I started to make a name for myself, I was the "guy who could get you anything, for the cheapest". With now more than 5 years of experience in sneakers, streetwear and high end retail.


Including countless hours of shopping and creating networks with suppliers from all around the world, I was able to develop many major connections in the fashion industry. Which I am proud and grateful to bring to my customers, many of whom have supported me from the small beginnings and allowed me to do and focus on what I love, bringing everyone their favourite brands at the most affordable prices.